About us

Equestrian Services: Since 1997, Stonehenge Farms has been committed to you, your bulldog, and your horse. Tara and Jim have, at one time or another, been professionally involved with just about every aspect of equine services, and the equestrian lifestyle. We have shown, bred, trained, boarded, and brokered horses, donkeys and mules. We ride and drive in both english and western style.

Hay Supplier: We, for decades, have been brokers of high quality hay, and we have relationships with hay growers all across the country in order to stock only the best quality horse hay throughout the year. We offer pick up, and delivery. We can supply optional labor to unload and stack at your farm. We are your full service hay supplier, with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, many of whom rely upon us year after year. We offer deeply discounted rates for those who also board their horses with us.

Bulldogs: Since 1997, we have been bulldog enthusiasts, and have owned and bred several different bulldog types. Our Old English Bulldogs were, for many years, very popular. The reason is, we have NEVER bred any dogs for profit. We bred them because we loved them. We have never had more than one litter at a time, and most years have only had one litter total. Our dogs are our family, they live inside our home, they go everywhere with us, and sleep on our sofa. If and when they choose to bless us with a litter, each and every puppy is treated similarly until we find them great homes. We are picky about our own dogs, and we are picky about the people who adopt our puppies.